therock posted this video on 2/19/21, 7:37 AM, 1388500 people liked it and 10438 left a comment.Used 3 hashtags, such as BlackAdamTraining , ZOA , hardestworkersintheroom.

Been working very hard on my strength, conditioning, diet, balance and energy to come into this role being in the best shape (hopefully🤞🏾) of my career and raise the bar. Happy to share more insight with you as we go down the road. And of course, my training days (and nights) are always powered by @zoaenergy 🍃💥 And yes, ORIGINAL flavored ZOA tastes like pancakes, peanut butter, maple syrup and greatness 🤣 #blackadamtraining #zoa #HardestWorkersInTheRoom


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