therock posted this video on 2/19/21, 1:22 PM, 491799 people liked it and 3560 left a comment.Used 3 hashtags, such as blackadamtraining⚡️ , midnightoilburners 🕛🕯 , hawaiianwreckingcrew 🌺.

Thursday split is back & bi’s. Super-sets Tri-sets Giant-sets * cardio every morning right when I wake up on an empty stomach. * after cardio, I’ll start my work day. Once babies are asleep 💤 for the night, I’ll hit the iron and start my training. More to come and you guys finish your week strong and on a positive uptick ☝🏾✅ #blackadamtraining⚡️ #midnightoilburners 🕛🕯 #HawaiianWreckingCrew 🌺


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