therock posted this video on 2/12/21, 1:48 AM, 1280159 people liked it and 15113 left a comment.

My mom ADORES @jimmyfallon like a son, so I thought she’d love to come on impromptu style and sing him a song w/ her ukulele. But after the first song finishes she says , “We’ve got one more”.... to which I said, “NO WE DON’T HAVE ONE MORE”... 😂😂😂 🛑 But she started strumming anyway and the moment she started singing.. “WE LOVE YOU JIMMYYYYY OH YES WE DOOOOO....” I fell in lock step with her and started singing too 🤷🏾‍♂️ At this point I surrendered any control and power I thought I had and just let this big ol’ slice of goodness pie 🥧😇 ☺️ be enjoyed!!!! I’m a lucky son of a gun to have such a positive force of a mama. What a happy soul she’s got 🙏🏾 I’ll admit, her mana is pretty infectious ✨


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