therock posted this video on 2/15/21, 6:40 AM, 998498 people liked it and 4242 left a comment.Used 3 hashtags, such as hawaii 🌺 , home ❤️ , fullcircle YOUNG ROCK 💪🏾 Season premiere this TUESDAY on @NBC.

It’s always SO GOOD to come back home to Hawaii and spend time where it all started. As a freshman at McKinley High, I was still getting arrested and doing things I shouldn’t have been doing (cops even came to my class one day to get me - that was fun:). Despite my taste for trouble, my one redemptive quality as a 14yr old punk, was my desire and ability to work extremely hard. It’s what we did. In this weight room. And on this field. Struggle and work hard. Struggle and work hard. That’s what life was back then... Now we come FULL CIRCLE and I’m shaking my head at this wild irony of life that our new show called YOUNG ROCK will be highlighting these struggles and joys - and pains and gains. My gratitude cup runneth over. #hawaii 🌺 #home ❤️ #fullcircle YOUNG ROCK 💪🏾 Season premiere this TUESDAY on @NBC


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