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Quality & Legacy 🥃
One of my favorite walks is thru our @teremana distillery’s barrel room. 

This is the final quality process of our first aged expression — Teremana Reposado 🥃

We age our tequila in American white oak barrels and it reacts to the temperatures here in the Jalisco Highlands of Mexico. 

The wood expands and contracts and after a certain period of time - gives our tequila a very rich and smooth taste with notes of oak and vanilla. 

Those notes and smoothness are why Teremana has become very distinctly delicious to our consumers. 

I founded Teremana as a legacy brand that’s rooted in quality, passion, trust and mana. 

And on behalf of our entire Teremana team and myself — it’s our privilege to produce Teremana tequila for you. 

And most importantly, thank you for making our Teremana your #1 choice in tequila. 

The tequila of the people 🥃

@hhgarcia41 📸
Thanks to all of you, our @teremana tequila is experiencing extraordinary and TRULY ground breaking growth in the spirits industry 🥃

You have my word, we as a spirits brand will continue to be the “hardest workers in the room” to deliver premium quality, delicious taste, old school traditional methods of production and most importantly ~ spirit of mana in every drop. 

love & gratitude, 
founder 🥃
#teremana 🇲🇽

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